6th Desiree Alliance Conference

July 10-15, 2016 New Orleans, LA

The Sex Workers Rights Movement: Addressing Justice

Whether your expertise is in street-based economies, the classroom, or the clinic, we are looking for you to show us what’s wrong, what’s right, and what can come to be the future of Harm Reduction and Outreach Services for Sex Workers.

Come share your innovative ideas or learn how to provide outreach services at the Desiree Alliance 2016 Conference Harm Reduction and Outreach Track.  Be a part of an event that will inspire and pioneer a fresh perspective on how harm reduction and outreach services can be fine tuned to meet the needs of those who engage in sex economies.  Enjoy workshops and presentations from the best and brightest giving their unique take on harm reduction and outreach services to sex workers.

There will be presentations on Street-Based Health Care Services, Self-Care & Well-Being, Addiction Services, Transgender health in Sex Work, Youth Outreach Services, Safe Space Realization programs, Bad Date Protection workshops, and Police Misconduct trainings Just to name a few!).  There will also be presentations on holistics, organics, and spiritual well-being.  Let your submission break new ground in this ever changing field of Harm Reduction.   We are looking forward to seeing you there, so reserve your spot now!

Call for Presentations:

The Desiree Alliance is pleased to announce that our upcoming National Sex Worker Conference will be in New Orleans!   We are currently seeking proposals for presentations and workshops that discuss the relationship between harm reduction, outreach services, and sex work.  Sex workers face a number of issues which significantly impede their quality of life, including risk for STDs and HIV, violence, illegal eviction due to suspicion of criminal behavior, discrimination from medical providers, police misconduct, social exclusion, extortion, and a myriad of other complicating issues.  Sex workers also know what’s best for the self-care they need as well as helping other sex workers to be safe and take preventative care.  The Desiree Alliance supports empowerment models for all forms of sex work and is committed to exploring these issues.  

We are accepting proposals for presentations or workshops concerning a variety of topics within or around the field of harm reduction and outreach services. We are interested in but not limited to workshops concerning harm reduction in communities of color, harm reduction in Trans communities, harm reduction in indigenous communities, harm reduction in HIV/AIDS communities of color, federal/state/regional HR policies, reproductive rights, homelessness, the marginalization of undocumented sex workers, modified substance use treatment services, street based primary care and STD screenings, nontraditional housing alternatives, peer education for and by sex workers, outreach enhancement for LGBT youth engaging in sex work, case management, syringe exchange services, overdose prevention and education,  family services, public assistance services, self defense workshops, and bad date protection workshops.  


We are looking forward to new ideas about sex worker unionization and labor rights, legal services for victims of trafficking, police harassment and violence against sex workers, prevention training, and the harmful effects of media misinformation campaigns on the community as a whole.  We want to hear about the correlations between harm reduction, racism, and oppression.  As with the principles of harm reduction, there are many opportunities and approaches these workshops can take.

Contributors may be (and we highly encourage) current, former, and future sex workers, sex worker allies and advocates, academics, direct service providers and outreach workers, and anyone with a serious interest in the work we do.  We need to hear from alternative communities that harm reduction-based models don’t apply to, or, exist for.  We especially encourage providers/outreach and their clients to submit proposals together.  We encourage submissions from all backgrounds, as no story is too small to tell.  

A Proposal should include:

  •  Title for your presentation
  •  Your name for publication on website (Does not have to be birth/legal name)

Affiliation with an organization or social justice movement you’d like

to have listed (not required)

  •  A short paragraph with your background and experience, or interest, in sex work or the sex workers rights’ movement

A bio which will appear in the program and on the website (approx 200 words)

An Abstract of 200 words or fewer (the description that will appear in the program and on the website)

Please include whether or not you will need any technical support, such as a projector or AV, etc.

Any presentation experience your may have.

In some cases, panels will be suggested if more than one good proposal gets submitted on a specific topic.

DEADLINE: Proposals must be submitted by March 1st, 2013 to be considered, and all submissions will be notified of acceptance by April 15th, 2013.  Please let us know in advance if you need extra time or if you need to be notified of acceptance earlier.



NOTE: A new policy for researchers, academics, bloggers, interviewers etc. is now required for proposal submissions. Please use the link for explanation


Send proposals to: harmreduction@desireealliance.org with the subject line “Proposal for Harm Reduction and Outreach.”