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The Desiree Alliance is a national coalition of current and former sex workers working together with supporting networks for an improved understanding of sexual policies and its human, social and political impacts of criminalization surrounding global policies in sex work.  Our priorities are building national and worldwide leadership to constructively advocate sex workers’ human, health, labor and civil rights.  We commit ourselves to the tenets of human rights and base our foundations upon equity, equality, empowerment, and agency, that bring those voices into constructive and productive leadership roles in the sex worker rights movements and umbrella issues unique to sex work.  We advocate for the full anti-criminalization of sex work.

Desiree Alliance* is a coalition of sex workers, health professionals, social scientists, professional sex educators, and their supporting networks working together for an improved understanding of the sex industry and its human, social and political impacts. Our focus is on building local and regional leadership and constructive activism in the sex worker population to advocate for sex workers’ human, labor and civil rights.

The most important goal of the Desiree Alliance is to be part of efforts to reinvigorate the sex workers’ rights movement in the US. Therefore, all of our actions in the last years focused on building leadership and constructive activism in the sex worker population. While the Desiree Alliance promotes rights and justice for people engaging in sexual commerce, we collaborate and stand with organizations working in overlapping struggles for the rights of sexual and gender minorities, sexual rights in general, reproductive rights and human rights.

Desiree Alliance is committed to nonviolence. This means that we adhere to the tenets of principled nonviolence in the achievement of our goals, and we disdain the use of violence by any person or group of people to achieve any goal- be it political, practical, or spiritual. We are comprised of members who work to end violence against sex workers, believing that violence against any human is violence against all humans.

Foundational to our alliance is the common desire amongst all members- both groups and individuals- to promote social justice and gender equity. Often marginalized, sex workers and their allies face many ideological obstacles to our aims, and these are often fuelled by misinformation. Misinformation has been a driving force behind many dehumanizing tactics used by oppressors throughout history, and in the case of sex workers unfortunately there is no difference. Misinformation and outright prejudice are often responsible for the actions of serial killers and other abusers of sex workers.

Nonviolent principles seek to re-humanize those who have been dehumanized, and in the process bring humanity back to those who dehumanize (for they, too, have compromised their own humanity by allowing themselves to use the tactic of dehumanization). Desiree hopes that by adhering to the principles of nonviolence, we can bring about the fundamental change in each person needed to achieve the justice we seek for those among us who may have ideas about the use of their bodies which challenge others’ beliefs.

Desiree Alliance wishes to change fundamentally the way sex workers are perceived by society. We recognize that our project is one which will require a great amount of time and patience, but we gain inspiration from civil rights movements which have gone before us.

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 Due to threats of harming our organization, we have had to remove our names for safety purposes. 

Funding for Desiree Alliance

Desiree Alliance is a Project of Social and Environmental Entrepreneurs (SEE), a 501(c)(3) non-profit. As such, we depend on donors for funding. Over the years we have received much appreciated grants from the following organizations, to whom we owe much gratitude for their belief in our mission:

Due to the doxxing by an anti-sex worker zealot, we have had to remove our donor and funder list for their safety. We appreciate all of our funders and donors and continue to have healthy relationships with them