Business Development

It is with great sadness and much consideration that Desiree Alliance announces the cancellation of our July 2019 conference Transcending Borders: Immigration, Migration, and Sex Work. 

Due to FOSTA/SESTA enactments, our leadership made the decision that we cannot put our organization and our attendees at risk.  We hope you understand our grave concerns and continue to resist every law that exists to harm sex workers!  Keep fighting!

Cris Sardina, Director – Desiree Alliance

Desiree Alliance 7th National Conference 2019 Transcending Borders: Immigration, Migration, and Sex Work

July 2019

Las Vegas, Nevada 

Business Development Track: Call for Presentations

Join us at the Desiree Alliance 2019 Conference for the Business Development track.

Are you the expert in your business and/or business models?  Increase your confidence and your bottom line by presenting your business methods, what works, what doesn’t, and how to build a successful brand.. Learn new techniques for increasing your cash flow, using the tools of your trade, and improving your business model.  You will find valuable tips to improve your business regardless of the area you work!

There will be workshops on web design, advertising, networking, health and safety, and much, much more. Learn tax saving tips especially relevant to cash-based earners just like you! Learn how to incorporate and treat your business just like your own corporation. Learn new techniques in increasing your financial gain. Learn how to stay out of harm’s way and protect your identity from potential stalkers. Learn tried and true tips of the trade (any trade!), and implement them in your own practice!  Become educated in how to overcome racism, discrimination, and gender binaries in the workplace.  Learn how to protect your health.  Understand how criminalization(s) affect you in your work.  

Invitation to Present

Do you know your business? Do you consider yourself an expert in your profession? We would love to have you showcase your expertise at the 2016 Desiree Alliance Conference!

Desiree Alliance is requesting proposals for workshops and presentations in all areas of expertise in the erotic professions and adult entertainment industry. This is your opportunity to share what you know.

Please submit proposals for workshops and presentations on topics such as (but not limited to) the following:

Web design; Search engine optimization; Photography

Attending to disabled clients/customers

Advertising and networking, Targeting your market

Image  management

Better negotiation techniques

Improving Dance Techniques: Pole, Stage & VIP

Incorporating a new “tool of the trade”

Screening, safety, and self defense

Newbie 101 (in your area of expertise)

How to remain within the law; Knowing your local codes, laws and regulations

Costume Styling and Design

Navigating personal relationships

Filing taxes, Business management

Sales techniques

Tips for Touring

House Dancer to Feature Dancing

Self-care and energy renewal

We encourage submissions from current and former adult entertainers and erotic professionals from all areas, genders, backgrounds and ethnicities, as well as professionals in fields of expertise related to the industry (photography, web design, business acumen, etc.). We prioritize proposals that would appeal to a broad range of people working in sex economies.

A Proposal should include:

Title for your presentation

Please note if you want your name  listed on our public website

Affiliation with an organization or social justice movement you’d like to have listed (not required)

A short  paragraph with your background and experience, or interest, in sex work, the adult entertainment industry, or the sex workers rights’ movement (500 words or less)

A bio  which will appear in the program and on the website (approx 200 words)

A detailed abstract (the description that will appear in the program and on the website, 500 words or fewer)

Please include whether or not you will need any technical support, such as a projector or AV, etc.  We encourage you to bring your own laptop for any technical presentations. We will provide easel pads for any type of written presentations. 

Please include whether you want your business/work mentioned in the program

In some cases, panels will be suggested if more than one accepted proposal gets submitted on a specific topic.

DEADLINE: Proposals must be submitted by March 1st, 2019 to be considered, and all submissions will be notified of acceptance by April 2019.  Please let us know in advance if you need extra time or if you need to be notified of acceptance earlier.

NOTE: A new Community Policy is now required for proposal submissions. Please use the link for explanation

Send proposal to:  with “Business Development Proposal” as the subject line