It is with great sadness and much consideration that Desiree Alliance announces the cancellation of our July 2019 conference Transcending Borders: Immigration, Migration, and Sex Work. 

Due to FOSTA/SESTA enactments, our leadership made the decision that we cannot put our organization and our attendees at risk.  We hope you understand our grave concerns and continue to resist every law that exists to harm sex workers!  Keep fighting!

Cris Sardina, Director – Desiree Alliance


From beautiful burlesque to majestic music to powerful poetry, various art forms have been important parts of sex worker justice advocacy, and art is also a great way to highlight the diversity of talents so many sex workers  have.  Sex worker artists have in fact had a vibrant face on this movement and have been a unifying element in resistance campaigns across the globe.

Sex worker created  grassroots alternative media forms- such as blogs, documentaries, and radio shows provide valuable insight into the multiple realities that exist in the sex industry and issues affecting sex workers as well as  the broader society.

Come join us! Workshops and their participants are welcome! We are still in the process of accepting proposals, but we expect a variety of exciting and  informative panels and workshops, covering topics such as creating your own alternative media, art as a form of advocacy, working as an entertainer in the sex industry, visual and performing arts, media relations, website design, Internet advocacy and networking.

Invitation to Present

We are interested in  presentation proposals about a variety of topics related to art, the media, or entertainment in the sex industry.  Proposals for practical  workshops, panel discussions and performance based demonstrations are  all welcome.

Proposal  suggestions include:

  • Creating blogs, radio, documentaries, and other forms of alternative media
  • Published writers – How to be successful in getting your work out there
  • Media – Becoming a spokesperson for the sex worker rights movement, organizing press conferences etc.
  • Website Design – management and maintenance (also: Business Track)
  • Creative Phone – Sex/Webcam Techniques, selling erotic stories
  • Filmmaking and documentaries
  • Burlesque workshops, demonstrations and discussions
  • Visual Arts
  • Oral Voices – poetry, spoken word
  • Music

Your Proposal should include:

  • Title for your presentation
  • Affiliation with an organization or social justice movement you’d like to have listed (not required)
  • A short paragraph with your background and experience, or interest, in sex work or the sex workers rights’ movement
  • A bio which will appear in the program and on the website (approx 200 words)
  • A  jpg publicity image 300 dpi for catalog/website
  • An Abstract of 500 words or fewer (for program/website)
  • Minimum amount of time needed for presentation (is it okay to combine you with another artist?)
  • Tech support/equipment/AV needs
  • Website links where your work can be viewed: all social media sites where you music or actual performance ability can be seen


In some cases, panels will be suggested if more than one good proposal gets submitted on a specific topic.

We encourage proposals from sex workers, college and university students, researchers, professors, harm reduction workers, social justice activists, performing and visual artists, people with web design experience, and people with experience in media relations as well as creating alternative forms of media.  We welcome proposals from people of all gender identities, ethnicities, socioeconomic levels, and sexual orientations.   

BANDS, ACOUSTIC ACTS, SINGERS: There will be a big party nite for the closing of the conference Please submit press kits and CDs.

Proposals must be submitted by March 1st, 2019 to be considered, and all submissions will be notified of acceptance by April 15th, 2019.   

 You can reach Desiree Alliance if you have further questions.

NOTE: A new policy for researchers, academics, bloggers, interviewers etc. is now required for proposal submissions. Please use the link for explanation